Lawyers & Leaders: Tentative Spring 2018 Programs


Thursday, February 1, 12:40-1:40 pm (245 BLB)

OWLSS: Salary Negotiation Discussion. Presentation by UI College of Business Professor Josey Bathke. Talking about money/salary increases/raises can be uncomfortable. This event will provide advice on how to approach those tough conversations.


Friday, February 23, 12:40-1:40 pm (285 BLB)

What’s next in the Legal Profession: Clients Sparking Change and How Attorneys Must Adapt. How are attorneys can adapt to these changes?  How can/should we be better?  Join Nicolle Schippers from ARAG Legal for a presentation discussing what is currently happening in the legal industry.


Friday, March 30, 1-5 pm (Baker Teacher Leader Center)

LGBTQ Micro-Conference on Healthcare, Education, Advocacy and Rights

This will spark dialogue, collaboration, and action on campus and in the community for LGBTQ individuals and the organizations and institutions that serve them.


Friday, April 6, 12:40-1:40 pm (TBD BLB)

OWLSS Conference


Attendance at one Lawyers & Leaders program each semester is one requirement for membership in the Pro Bono Society. For more information, contact the Citizen Lawyer Program in 182 BLB or e-mail  Updated February 15, 2018.