All Iowa Law students are encouraged to record all hours spent in public service while they are enrolled at Iowa Law via Symplicity. Service hours must be voluntary, uncompensated, and not compelled (ie, not required for a course or a student organization). Hours are divided into two general categories. Community Hours are those that directly benefit recognized community organizations or non-profits, including pro bono projects organized by the Citizen Lawyer Program. Institutional Hours are those that benefit the law school, university, or a student group. Service hours are not limited to activities organized through the law school or locally-based; students can record their volunteer work with non-profits, faith communities, and political organizations regardless of location.

Iowa Law’s Pro Bono Society honors students who have completed 15 hours of service, at least 7.5 of which are Community Hours, and attended at least one Lawyers & Leaders program in the previous semester. The Boyd Service Award is bestowed at graduation on students who have completed a total of at least 100 service hours, at least 50 of which are Community Hours, throughout their law school career. The Pro Bono Society Constitution, which establishes these honors, is available here.

Please remember to report your service within a month or the date of service via Symplicity. A detailed guide to reporting hours can be found here.