The Lawyers & Leaders series offers programs to complement the traditional legal curriculum with workshops, lectures, and other programs that focus on pro bono traditions, leadership development, practical lawyer and life skills, and community issues. Attendance at one program each semester is one requirement of the Pro Bono Society. 


Thursday, September 7, 12:40-1:40 pm (235 BLB)

Civility Matters. Iowa Board of Trial Advocates members will facilitate this educational and entertaining program aimed at increasing civility and courtesy in the legal profession.


Friday, October 5, 12:40-1:40 pm (285 BLB)

Ascending the Slopes of Professionalism: Is there a Role for Pro Bono Service? Lawyers face an array of pressures in building their careers. Iowa Law alumnus Charles Dick will highlight the importance of community service and pro bono work in personal and professional development.


Wednesday, October 18, 1:00-3:00pm (Kirkwood Regional Center)

Re-entry/Parole Simulation: Living the Life as a Returning Citizen. The Reentry Simulation allows participants to gain an understanding of the obstacles offenders face upon release from a term of incarceration. Participants assume the identity of a returning citizen and navigate through a series of events in an effort to successfully reintegrate into the community.


Friday, October 27, 12:40-1:40 pm (235 BLB)

Pro Bono Week Celebration. Recognition of Pro Bono Society members and announcement of highest rate of participation in the First Year Service Challenge. Remarks by TBD. Reception to follow.


Friday, November 3, 12:40-1:40 pm (285 BLB)

A New Model for Law Practice: Community Lawyering. Justin Gross, Chris Rottler, and Virginia Sipes will present information on the innovative firm Community Lawyers of Iowa and Iowa’s new legal incubator initiative.


Thursday, November 16, 12:40-1:40 pm (245 BLB)

Ministers of Justice: The Special Role of Prosecutors. Join Judge Kevin McKeever, a former prosecutor, and Elisabeth Reynoldson, a former assistant attorney general, for a conversation about the role of prosecutors and information on Iowa’s prosecuting internship program.


Attendance at one Lawyers & Leaders program each semester is one requirement for membership in the Pro Bono Society. For more information, contact the Citizen Lawyer Program in 182 BLB or e-mail  Updated September 7, 2017.

Lawyers & Leaders Program Schedule (Fall 2017)