Public service is a core value of the legal profession, and lawyers are expected to give back generously to their communities and to promote access to justice. The Citizen Lawyer Program works to instill this value in Iowa Law students, and provides opportunities for students to volunteer with a wide range of organizations, both law-related and non-law-related.

CLP's Pro Bono Projects are structured, law-related volunteer positions with governmental and non-profit organizations. Students apply for available positions in the first weeks of each semester through Symplicity. Students assigned to projects are supervised by attorneys within the organization and typically commit to volunteer 30-50 hours per semester.

Students are also encouraged to engage in community service beyond the legal field. CLP promotes and facilitates volunteer opportunities for students, both individually throughout the year and through organized service events.

CLP helps administer Iowa Law's Pro Bono Society and Boyd Service Award, which promote student volunteerism by recognizing their efforts on a semester basis and at graduation. Each fall, CLP also coordinates the First Year Service Challenge, which encourages first-year Iowa Law students to unite with their peers to help the local community.

All service hours are logged via Symplicity. Students should review this guide to reporting service hours.