Based on hours reported via 12Twenty by the April 8, 2024, reporting deadline for May graduates, the Pro Bono Society Executive Board has compiled this list of May 2024 graduating students with over 100 career Boyd
Lawyers & Leaders (L&L) programs complement the traditional legal curriculum and are open to all Iowa Law students. Attendance at one L&L event each semester is one requirement for membership in the Pro Bono Society for that semester.  Additional opportunities will be added throughout the semester.
The Pro Bono Society Executive Board had set April 8 as the deadline for May 2024 graduates to report Spring service hours.
Congratulations to the Fall 2023 members of Iowa Law’s Pro Bono Society! Members completed all necessary service requirements set out by the PBS Constitution. Members completed at least 15 service hours (at least half of which were Community hours) and reported attendance at a Lawyers & Leaders event during the Fall 2023 semester.
The Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa is seeking volunteers. If you are interested, please email Germaine Fandohan at 


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