TP the Crisis Center

October is the time to TP the Crisis Center! The Crisis Center provides not only food but other essentials that Johnson County residents can't buy with foodstamps or WIC. One of the biggest items they need is toilet paper: they give out nearly 1,000 rolls per week! Here's how you can help: our goal is for everyone at Iowa Law (faculty and students) to bring in two rolls each (roughly 1200 rolls total). That would give us over a week's supply to donate! Any toilet paper is acceptable, it doesn't matter what brand or type, but we do need them to still be in the plastic wrapping to avoid any sanitation concerns. There will be one donation box near the front doors of the law school as well as one in the Lauridsen Student Commons on the first floor. We will be collecting for the entire month of October and will send out weekly updates as we work towards our goal. Every little bit helps! Please contact Melissa Sharp at if you have questions or ideas.