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The Domestic Violence Intervention Program has a few volunteer opportunities coming up this Fall and we need you to help us out! Our first event this fall is the Northside Oktoberfest, taking place on Saturday, September 29th. We need 10 volunteers to help with admissions so we can get $700 to support victim/survivors! First people to sign up will be the first ones to help with this event! 

Our next and largest event this fall is our annual Shop for Shelter in Johnson County, taking place Saturday, October 6th. This is the largest supply drive that we have all year and it helps to get supplies that last up to 9 months to support victim/survivors that we serve. We need a lot of volunteers to make sure this event goes well! We will follow-up with Hy-vee locations that we will need you at and more information after you have signed up! Click the link below to find the google form which has the shift times and dates for the events. Rose Cooney, the Volunteer Coordinator, will follow up with you with more details on the events after you have RSVP'd for them.*%5b'%22%5d(?%3Curl%3E%5b%5E%7B%22%5d.+?)%5b%22%5d)&href_id_source=vr2-href-id-source-14