Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities at The Iowa Children's Museum

Family Free Night
Friday, August 26th

Admission is FREE to all visitors from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM because the event is sponsored by Rockwell Collins! There will be special activities focused on STEM problem-based learning.  Volunteers will be on the floor or asked to help with specific tasks as needed by our sponsors.  Family Free Night is one of our busiest times and offers a great opportunity for volunteers to help us out when we need it the most.  Volunteers will be able to interact with families and help pick up exhibits. 

Super Hero Night
Sunday, August 28th

Super Hero Night is designed especially for families with children who have special needs.  During this time, our Play is Learning environment will be quieter with fewer guests and feature specially designed play activities that will have been adapted to be inclusive.  Volunteers will be able to interact with families and help pick up exhibits. 

TO SIGN UP, USE THIS LINK: https://signup.com/group/553932510074


Continuing Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer Playologists 
Come play with families in the museum, and help pick up exhibits. 

Available times (any week):
Mondays any time from 10am-6pm
Tuesdays any time from 10am-6pm
Wednesdays any time from 10am-6pm
Thursdays any time from 10am-6pm
Fridays any time from 10am-8pm
Saturdays any time from 10am-6pm 
Sundays any time from 11am-6pm
Other opportunities are available as well.  Please email volunteer@theicm.org  with which date and shift you would like.