The Athletics Infractions Hearing Competition needs students to serve as zoom technicians/bailiffs. The schedule is below (along with number of technicians needed). It is possible that 1-2 training meetings may also be held prior to the events.   If you are interested and available on the dates/times below, please contact Brennan Fairbairn (  All hours spent including training can be reported as institutional service hours. 

Friday, February 24:

9:30am                 Round 1, pairing 1

10:00am               Round 1, pairings 2-7  

1:30pm                 Round 2, pairings 1-6

2:00pm                 Round 2, pairing 7

(7 technicians needed for each round. 14 total spots to fill on day 1 but repeat volunteers would be great. Rounds are expected to run 60-90 minutes each)  

Saturday, February 25:

10:00am               Semi-Final Round, 2 pairings (2 technicians needed)  

1:00pm                 Final Round (1 technician needed)