Based on hours reported via Symplicity by the April 10, 2023, reporting deadline for May graduates, the Pro Bono Society Executive Board has compiled this list of May 2023 graduating students with over 90 career Boyd Service hours, at least 45 of which are community hours.* Pursuant to Art. II, Sec. F of the Constitution of the Pro Bono Society, any challenges to these determinations should be made in writing to the Board Chair and Advisor within five days of the publication of this list. Challenges should be e-mailed to Board Chair Samantha Savala ( and Advisor Brian Farrell ( by 5:00 p.m. on April 17, 2023.

*Pursuant to the variances previously adopted and published (summarized here) the levels of distinction for the Boyd Service Award are adjusted to 90% of the guideline career hours for May 2023 graduates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.