Articles for September 2020

ISBA's Pro Bono Society Executive Board and College of Law administration have adopted the following temporary modifications to Iowa Law's service honors for Fall 2020: 
Citizen Lawyer Program staff will be available for regular virtual office hours from 1:00-2:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays this semester to answer questions about pro bono projects, volutneer opportunities, and our service honors recognitions.
The 2020 General Election is fast approaching. Johnson County, and surrounding communities, are in need of election poll workers. As law students, serving as a poll worker is a unique opportunity to engage with the democratic process up close.
The law is a service profession and lawyers contribute to their communities in many ways beyond the practice of law through their leadership and volunteerism. While many law students participate in CLP’s law-related Pro Bono Projects, we encourage students to also explore non-law related community volunteer opportunities.
Apply now
The Citizen Lawyer Program is now accepting applications for its Fall 2020 Pro Bono Projects. Interested students should review project descriptions and application information available here: 
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